Favorite Essie Colors

If you’ve been to my apartment, one of the first things you might notice, other than how adorably petite it is, would be my nail polish collection. I’ve acquired quite the array over the years and I use almost all of them. I have them organized by color (obviously) above my bed on a small, but long shelf. At first, I kept them in clear plastic containers, but the collection grew out of hand (hehahe) and I needed a new home for them. I love them here because of the color they add to my bed area.

Most of the time in the winter, I use one of the grey neutrals. I like to keep my nails dark in the winter rather than bright, in your face colors. However, if there’s some special occasion, like my birthday or New Year’s, I might switch it up. I keep the brights for summertime. Read one to find out my favorite colors to use!
IMG_4511 IMG_4513

All-Time Favorites


light to dark: Fiji, Chinchilly, Power Clutch, Meet Me at Sunset, Carry On

Warm Tones

IMG_4537clockwise from bottom left: Tart Deco, Madison Avehue, Really Red, Bottle Service, Watermelon, DJ Play That Song

Cool Tones

IMG_4533Left to right: Vibrant Vibes, Butler Please, Lilacism, All Access Pass, Going Incognito, Mint Candy Apple


IMG_4534clockwise from bottom left: Master Plan, Urban Jungle, East Hampton Cottage, Sand Tropez, Smokin’ Hot, Jazz, Mink Muffs


I know it might be difficult to see what the true color of the polishes are, but most of them can be found on Essie’s website, or just Google image search them and I have no doubt that you’ll understand the true color.

What are your favorite colors to use? Always on the hunt for new colors or to discover one that I might overlook too often. Excited to hear from you! 🙂

xx -S


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