The New Knit Detail

The ultimate cold weather wear: wool, silk and fur. This thing is cray. Saw it (on Poshmark), needed to have it.

I love the eye-catching fur on the sleeve and the drama it adds to the sweater. You might even say I’m obsessed. I’m not usually one for fur, but this sweater is everything. Not to mention that this thing is w.a.r.m. holy moly. I don’t need anything else to keep the wintery chill out. And since it’s pretty unique, you might say, I figured jeans and basic heels were the way to go.


IMG_1755 IMG_1760 IMG_1779 IMG_1806 IMG_1811 IMG_1830 IMG_1842

What are your cold weather faves? Check out more on Poshmark to find some cool and unique pieces that aren’t currently being sold everywhere. That’s probably my favorite thing about Poshmark; I’m able to find fun wardrobe additions at a discounted price and don’t have to worry about everyone having the same looks as me! Wheeee!

Happy hump day!

xx -S

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