Earmuffs are So Hot

Not sure if you noticed, but it’s winter out there. Walking to work this morning, I realized it real fast. In a rush, obviously, I ran out the door grabbing only a scarf and my jacket. As I walked during my 6 block commute, I couldn’t help myself but to wish my ears hadn’t been board line getting frostbite.

So, I got to work and ordered a pair of earmuffs. Here are some of my favorites. Some genuine fur, some faux, and lots of different price points! Which ones are your faves? Since my hair can be quite voluminous at times, I went with a big furry pair. Can’t wait to share when they’re delivered!!



Lord & Taylor Rabbit Fur – $37.50 on Sale!


Topshop SNO Faux Fur – $6.oo on Sale!

imageServiceAnn Taylor Faux Fur Plum – $24.88 on Sale!



Kate Spade Faux Fur Bow – $78.00


8402889_fpxBloomingdale’s Maximilian Fox Fur – $136 on Sale!


My favorite thing about earmuffs, other than how cute they are, is that they won’t mess up your hair. So, shop on babes, and keep that hair looking fly!

Stay warm out there my loves, it’s a cold one!

xx -S

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