You Should Probably Know..

This week’s round up of things you should know. Some more important than others, since I’m truly not one to get into celebrity gossip, but Kanye is sort of involved in the fashion world, I find it somewhat relevant. And, more importantly than that, it’s Valentine’s Day! Find some sweet nothings below, and some of my recent favorites!

  1. Looking for a romantic place to get drinks this weekend? On the Upper East Side, one of my favorite hidden gems!
  2. A girl that sits next to me at work wears this frequently, and I’m always all like, omgah, I need that.
  3. Let’s face it, Valentine’s Day is this weekend. Share some sweets with the one you love. Or yourself.
  4. And if you need a last minute gift, these are just darling.
  5. Need a quick weekend getaway? Check this out – Enter your ‘from’ airport and dates, and this site shows you flights to everywhere in the world. Greece anyone?
  6. I’ve been following Jaclyn Hill for years, she does amazing make up tutorials and has grown quite the exquisite wardrobe since she’s blown up.
  7. Wondering where Lil’ Wayne’s been? Well, here he is!
  8. And the latest ish Kanye is up to. Gross.
  9. 9 Trends to Try straight from New York Fashion Week!

What’s on your mind today? Know of anything good that needs to be featured on next week’s You Should Probably Know? Email me at!

Happy Friday lovers, and have a sweet weekend full of love!

xx -S

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