Cold Shoulders, Literally

Yeah, it was a cold one this weekend, fo sho. But I didn’t let it keep me inside! The show doesn’t stop for a little cold weather! Yesterday, even though it was Valentine’s Day, I spent my day with my biggest love, Fa$hun. Is that cheesy? 🙂 After the shows, I stopped by the Highline to snap some pics. Of course, had to get the whole look in, so check out my look, from the outside, in.

IMG_4867 IMG_4869 IMG_4870 IMG_4873 IMG_4875 IMG_4876 IMG_4884 IMG_4886 IMG_4888 IMG_4889 IMG_4891 IMG_4903 IMG_4906 IMG_4907 IMG_4911 IMG_4913 IMG_4916

Shout out to my new earmuffs and scarf for keeping me nice and warm! How do you feel about the earmuffs? I think they’re fun and I can’t wait to wear them more. And stay warm more. This scarf too! Straight from Trunk 29 (click there!), and I’m obsessed. It’s everything I’ve always wanted in a scarf. Soft, fluffy, inexpensive and huge. Hop on it!

THIS JUST IN!! The fine ladies at Trunk 29 are offering you a discount! Use code: STEPHANIE29 for 20% off the whole shop! How lucky are we. <3<3<3

Stay hot, lovers. And speaking of lovers, I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day! Mine was spent in Chelsea for Fashion Week, check back in tomorrow for more on that! 🙂

xx -S

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