Snowman Keeps Me Warm

So this jacket is by Snowman New York, if you aren’t familiar, you should be. They make amazing outwear, super stylish and clearly in amazing colors. The sleeves come off this jacket for the days that it’s cold, but maybe you want to layer with a long sleeved top. So cute! There’s also a cool removable hood that is open on the back and transforms to a scrunched hair protector.

IMG_0653 2 IMG_0654 2 IMG_0659 2 IMG_0660 2 IMG_0662 2 IMG_0666 3 IMG_0668 3 IMG_0669 3 IMG_0670 3 IMG_0673 2

Crazy thing – I lost these pictures from November, then just found them and can finally share them with you! Yay!!!

Check out Snowman New York here and shop my jacket here!

Stay warm out there loves, and remember that just because it’s cold doesn’t mean you can’t look fab!

xx -S

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