You Should Probably Know…


Lots going on this week! It’s almost leap day, fun things on TV, and fashion and beauty tips! Find out about it all down below, and let me know what you think! I love hearing from you! 🙂

  1. More than normal rainfall in Death Valley causing a blanket of gorgeous wildflowers!
  2. Fab clothing, super inexpensive! Check out the link to the right – click the cute picture! 🙂
  3. – Chokers are hitting the scene hard. Here’s a cute one from Free People for only $28
  4. – I just got these pants from H&M, they fit amazing and are only $12.99
  5. – Kemi shows us lots of different ways to wear flare jeans in her post this week!
  6. – Hair masks can be so expensive, but not these! DIY, for the cold, dry winter months!
  7. – Spruce up your interior with some cool tips from Brit & Co.
  8. – Yes, this year includes a Feb. 29th! Here’s some exciting details about this year’s extra day
  9. – You might have heard Fuller House is back, this little gem is returning starting tonight on Netflix, and there’s the link if you need it!

Ps. Who watched Scandal last night? Check out live tweets during the whole show from our darling Kimberly, find it on our Twitter page at !

Happy Friday!!!!

xx -S

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