Pop of Pink

Happy leap day you guys!!! I don’t know why it’s such an exciting day, but I feel like a celebration is in order. And, I think we should all celebrate by doing something nice for someone else. There’s 366 days this year, it’s definitely an exciting day.

So this look is one of my favorites. I love a good A-line skirt and this Tibi number is rocking my world. I don’t take it out of my closet often since it’s white and I’m terrified to get it dirty, but it’s a special occasion. Paired with this tie-front crop from Free People, it’s just perfection. And these hot pink Joie heels add the perfect touch of color. In fact, while shooting these pictures, a girl actually broke away from her boyfriend’s hand to come tell me she loved the look. Thanks girl!

IMG_5318 IMG_5324 IMG_5360 IMG_5376 IMG_5397 IMG_5412 IMG_5432 IMG_5442 IMG_5467 IMG_5476

How are you going to celebrate leap day? I hope doing something awesome and out of your everyday routine! Ps. Check out these gorg Kemi Designs earrings here!

Have a fab Monday my loves!

xx -S

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