You Should Probably Know…

Lot’s of exciting things going on this week. Sample sales, home décor, fashion trends and tons more!! I love hearing what you think, leave a comment below and share your thoughts! 🙂

  1. Easter is going to be here in a few short weeks. Check these ideas out on how to decorate your dining area!
  2. It’s the hashtag weekend you guys, get your shop on!
  3. Ever wonder how to tell when produce is ripe at the grocery store? I always do for veggies I don’t buy often.
  4. Ok, what are we thinking about the overalls trend? Should we hop on it? I kind of love it.. brings me back to the 90’s
  5. Every sample sale in March in NYC. You don’t want to miss it.
  6. I’ve gotten a lot of inquiries on my foundation, so here it is! I wear color Sand. Long lasting and has SPF!
  7. I finally just got these in the mail the other day and I’m obsessed! The tassels hit me in all the right ways. Heart eye emoji. Best part? They’re under $16!!!
  8. I purchased this for my desk at work and it’s worked great. I was feeling like I couldn’t breathe because it was so dry in my office! Is it summer yet?
  9. Check the latest on Darling, Be Daring. I’m obsessing over this look, and I’m on a serious hunt for these adorable sunnies!!

Hooray for the weekend! Any fun plans? I’m going to be hanging with my sweet momma, she’s coming to visit!! I’m excited to show her my recent favorite places and do a little shopping! Though I’m sure she’ll also spend some time attacking my apartment and cleaning it how she wants to. Gotta love her!

xx -S

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