You Should Probably Know…

Happy Friday!!! We made it through another week, hooray! What are your fun plans for the weekend? I hope something magical that will make going back to work on Monday not such so bad! Here’s what’s happening this week on You Should Probably Know:

  1. Here’s the 411 on the hottest sandals of the Spring
  2. Just bought this last night in American Doll (pictured) and I am in love
  3. Make your food as colorful as your life. Or the daisies at the corner bodega.
  4. Can’t afford find Yeezy’s? No worries, get this cool throw pillow case instead! It’s way cooler.
  5. my girl Des killing it in Darling, Be Daring with these fab bell sleeves
  6. I recreated last week’s YSPK succulent bowl! 🙂 Check it out, super easy and adds so much color to your life!
  7. Are you into it? I still can’t decide. I think I’d like to see her in a fashion campaign rather than athletic.
  8. Fun things that will make you giggle, like these Nope earrings for $2.86
  9. What is toner anyways? And why do you need it? All your toner questions are answered here.

That’s all for this week’s You Should Probably Know! What’s your fave? I think I love those cute earrings, they might be added to my shopping bag realllll soon.

Have a fab weekend! And don’t forget, it’s time to celebrate summer getting closer by turning our clocks forward an hour at 2am Sunday. I’m having a party to celebrate tomorrow that has been titled ‘Daylight Ravings Time’. If you’re in the city, come by! 🙂

xx -S

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