Stripes, Laces and Fringe

Appropriate title, no? If you’re looking for a saucy outfit to wear out, look no further. Is there a possibility you might bump into your ex-boyfriends new girlfriend? Or a guy that never called you back? Maybe just for a girl’s night out. Well, this is what you should wear.

Both the top and skirt are from Forever21 and both for under $50. I can’t find either online of course, but if you like the fringe skirt, here and here are similar styles, and if you like the asymmetry, check this one out! As for the top, this lace front trend is very big, so I doubt you’ll have a hard time finding a similar one. Need guidance? See this one and this one are also adorable!

IMG_6159 IMG_6168 IMG_6191 IMG_6202 IMG_6209 IMG_6219 IMG_6220

Top & skirt | Forever 21
Shoes | Zara
Choker | homemade with a piece of suede string
Bag | Celine

Ps. I’m coming to you live from the New York Country Courthouse for jury duty. So, if you want to chat, now is totally the time. Email me at, tweet me @letstalk20s or comment below. Questions about fashion? New York? Blogging? Jury duty? Ask away my loves, I’ll be back here again tomorrow too!

Happy Monday dolls!

xx -S

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