A Day at the Lake

Of course, if I was spending a day or weekend up at the lake, I wouldn’t normally wear a mini skirt, crop top and blazer. But this time, I got dressed from my little sister’s closet and I think this Hollister two-piece is so cute paired with her Forever 21 blazer. Her and I agreed that I’d wear it on the ride to the lake and for some pictures, then change into comfortable clothes to lounge. And that’s exactly what I did! So outfit cred goes to little Jazmyn! Thanks kiddo :-*

After a long Saturday of hosting a moving sale at my mom’s house (post on that to come this week), a day of relaxation with the sound of soft waves hitting the docks and sun shining was totally called for. I definitely plan to be at the lake most weekends this summer, and I cannot wait!

I also had my first adventure in a kayak, even if it was only about 100 feet from one dock to another. Super fun, and super good arm workout since I was not planning on making it to the gym at all this weekend. Include this on the list of things I plan on doing a lot of this summer. Just add a cold beer, bathing suit and extra sunscreen.

IMG_7236 IMG_7243 IMG_7273 IMG_7278 IMG_7311 IMG_7330 IMG_7367IMG_7223 IMG_7246 IMG_7406 IMG_7417 IMG_7426IMG_7395

What did you all do this weekend? It was so beautiful out it makes me wonder why I have an office job. I think we should really update the work calendar to have all Friday’s off also. Who’s with me?!

xx -S

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