Painting on the Wall

Hiya babes! Happy Monday!! Who had the best weekend ever? I think mine was right up there! I worked so hard on Saturday building a wall for a flower garden and man oh man am I sore. But I’ll get to that in a another post this week!

So this darling dress is from Target and is part of the Who What Wear collaboration. When I saw it all in the store a few weeks ago, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I loved it all. I didn’t think I’d be so into it but it’s all very wearable and at a great price point. This dress is only $32.99! What a steal for something so fab! I need more!!

This was the first look I shot with Kevin (linked below) and I wasn’t really sure what to expect. We saw this totally cool wall in the Lower East Side and thought it was a solid place to start. One couple walking by asked if it was me on the wall. We laughed and told them sure it’s me, and Kevin painted it! 🙂

Can we also just talk about these shoes? I got these shoes four years ago for graduation (holy crap, already four years ago…) and now I look at them like what the heck was I thinking?! They’re so freaking high, how did I not fall?! I guess we can just say that I’m lucky, and that I didn’t fall this time I wore them either!

IMG_7391 IMG_7404 IMG_7416 IMG_7422 IMG_7443

IMG_7479 IMG_7449 (1)

IMG_7407 IMG_7460 IMG_7466Photos by Kevin Hsu at khsuphotography

Dress | Who What Wear by Target
Shoes | Sergio Rossi
Earrings | Baublebar

Also you guys, FarFetch is having a huge sale, up to 60% off fabulous designer things. Scan through and see if there’s anything you need on your lunch break!! All can be found here!

I hope you guys have the best week ever! I’ll be heading out of town on Thursday, bright and early so be sure to keep up on Instagram and Twitter!! Just in case.. and

xx -S

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