Chambray in Oklahoma City

Hi from Oklahoma City lovelies! I am sure that you had a fabulous weekend, as did I! Mine was mostly spent soaking up southern sunshine by a gorgeous blue pool, sipping some rosé, and some light shopping on the side. A weekend with my big sister in OKC was just what the doctor ordered!

So as you may know, my older sister Heather is living in OKC for a few months and I love to travel. I’ve visited here before a few years ago, but why not seize the opportunity to get out and explore a little! This country is great and I love to take advantage of seeing everything that I can, especially while I have a free bed to sleep in.

Although the whole weekend was super relaxing, I did manage to get myself ready at least twice. One time for these pictures, and one time to go to a fabulous nightspot called Cowboys where you can see square dancing to just about any song (even rap), and live bull riding. Though I’m not a huge supporter of the game because I feel sad for the bulls, it was pretty cool to see it in person!

Let’s get to the look. I found this darling dress at J. Crew a few weeks ago in Southampton, and managed to purchase it in the midst of chaos while the loudest fire alarm I’ve ever heard was blaring. Strange situation, but luckily it turned out to be a false alarm and I was able to escape with this wardrobe addition!

It’s perfect for the summer; super light-weight and on trend with the off-the-shoulder look. I’ve found recently that some dresses this style can be a bit tough because the elastic around the shoulders is too tight. It’s just plain annoying and uncomfortable, but this one is totally the opposite. It’s crazy cute, and is just right for a day in the park or any kind of event you’re attending in the warm summer months!

IMG_8753 IMG_8767 IMG_8840 IMG_8886 IMG_8912 IMG_8914 IMG_8944 IMG_8950

I paired the dress with these hot pump heels and some simple earrings to keep it on the casual side. It wouldn’t be too hard to dress up, and I considered belting at the waist, but I didn’t pack one so flowy it stayed!

Here’s a behind the scenes shot my silly sister captured. Heck no I didn’t leave the house in these heels to find a spot to shoot. I was wearing these pineapple printed flip flops until the last possible second! Sometimes it’s just all smoke and mirrors, don’t let us fool you! 😛


Dress | J. Crew – wearing a size 4 (here’s a similar dress for less than $20!)
Shoes | Joie
Earrings & Bracelet | Baublebar (these earrings and bracelet are over like, 50% off!)
Sunnies | Lanvin from DITTO
Lipstick | NARS Fanny

I have also never noticed how much red there is in my hair. It looks like the southern sun not only tans my body, but also reddens my hair! I’m going to be taking care of that on Tuesday at my favorite, Asanda! Stay tuned!

By the way, there are only have ten tickets left for The Fashion Broad launch party. If you haven’t RSVP’d yet or want to come, let’s get on top of it asap!

Happy Monday loves!

xx -S

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