Orange in the Park

Just a day in the park, casually hanging out… not! Ha, I don’t wear this type of look to the park on the reg. This was my alternate outfit for my party last week from Rent the Runway, and I wasn’t about to let this gorg dress go un-photographed!

If you don’t know, RTR has a seriously amazing business model. You can rent a dress for literally any occasion (or, you don’t even need an occasion!), they’ll send you two sizes, just in case one doesn’t fit, and if you hate it or just can’t make it work, they’ll overnight you a brand new dress for just $12.95. How amazing is that?! They have zillions of styles to choose from,  so you’re guaranteed to find something you love. And as much as I did love this dress, the black and gold dress just exemplified hostess with the mostess to me, so I went with that one.

IMG_9128IMG_9120 IMG_9122 IMG_9147 IMG_9153 IMG_9166 IMG_9170 IMG_9185

I styled this orange off-the-shoulder dress with my fun teal fringe heels. I do love a little color-mixing! I chose to do a simple necklace since the neckline on this baby is quite strong/non-existent, and rock a dark lip to make it a bit more edgy. And speaking of edgy, I’m obsessed with these Givenchy shades I recently got (rented) from DITTO. I’m so about this rental life, I can’t get enough!

Dress | Halston Heritage / Rent the Runway
Shoes | Missguided
Necklace | Urban Outfitters
Sunnies | Givenchy / DITTO
Lips | NARS Liv

Is it only me or did this week seem to last forever? Maybe because I’ve had a gross cold, but man oh man am I happy it’s Friday! Enjoy your weekends loves!

xx -S

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