My Handband-ana

One of my favorite accessories to wear is a bandana. It can sometimes be a bit difficult to make fit in with an outfit, unless I’m super casual since bandanas don’t usually scream dress-up. Sometimes I wear them around my neck (even though my sisters say I look like a bank robber), and others I wear them on my bag. For a super hot day playing in the West Village, shorts, a tee, sneakers and my bandana are just right.

I am still obsessing over these sneaks, and they have recently found their way into a ton of my outfits. I’m trying to keep them as sparkly white as I can, and I heard that wearing white sneakers in the rain turns them yellow. So for now, I’ll consider these babies my own little witches and save them for dry days only!

IMG_0879 IMG_0844 IMG_0840 IMG_0832 IMG_0821IMG_0824

Top | Topshop
Shorts | Zara
Sneakers | Adidas, Nordstrom
Bag | Coach (similar)
Sunnies | Miu Miu from DITTO
Earrings | Gas Bijoux
Bandana | Gas Station

Keep your sneaks dry and your heads high my loves, happy Monday!

xx -S

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