Saratoga Horse Race Style

It’s no secret that I love to dress up, so having an excuse where I can go almost all out is the best. I spent this past Saturday a bit north of New York City for a day at the races. The horse races, that is! I met my darling friends from America’s Best Racing (linked so you can check them out, super knowledgable on the sport!) in the clubhouse for some rosé and snacks, and a bit of cheering on my lucky number 8.

Funny story though. I’m really not a huge gambler, like not even a little bit. I’d so much rather put my money where I know I’ll actually get something out of it, like shoes. But with ABR’s seriously expert advice, I made a pretty solid bet. Even though I was on the totally wrong page of the day’s race book (the horse I thought I was betting on was actually racing in San Diego that day), I still won! Stella Rose, number 8, won me $14.00 on my $6 investment. Now, if only I could get shoes to double my money like that..

thumb_IMG_1259_1024 thumb_IMG_1284_1024 thumb_IMG_1359_1024thumb_IMG_1299_1024

I also just can’t get over how darling these ladies at the Saratoga track are. I always say that anyone can pull off any look as long, as they wear it with confidence, and man did these ladies all kill it. I was totally that weirdo wandering around asking people if I could take their pictures. I mean, how can I not with outfits like these?! Especially that couple, talk about goals.

thumb_IMG_1360_1024 thumb_IMG_1363_1024 thumb_IMG_1364_1024 thumb_IMG_1371_1024 thumb_IMG_1397_1024

Even if it was just for the day, Saratoga was such a treat. If it’s a reason to wear a pretty dress and sip some of that pinky vino, I’m about it. This time for some reason I had assumed my outfit would pick itself without my help. So less than 24 hours before my goal departure time (read: aiming to leave by 7am and don’t actually leave until 8:30am), I realized I had no idea what I was going to wear. Luckily, Rent the Runway always has my back and was able to deliver this adorable butterfly dress the same day and it was only $30!

Dress | Erin Erin Fetherston / Rent the Runway
Necklace | Chanel
Heels | Aldo
Bag | Coach


Can’t forget to mention that I fell even more in love with this dress when I realized how perfectly it matched my favorite snapchat filter. See? I guess I don’t need a big hat, as long as I have these butterflies crowning my head all day! 🙂

xx -TFB

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