Pasteling My Way Into Fall

So it’s officially after Labor Day, which usually means no more wearing white. That is, of course, unless you decide to be a crazy rule breaker and wear it anyways. I say, go for it as long as it doesn’t involve a white sandal when it’s snowing or any sort of lace. Ivory on the other hand, is quite alright since it’s a neutral for any season. And these shoes have blues in them that match my top perfectly!

Huge sale alert!! I just purchased this top on sale (for less than $20!) from ILY Couture, which is a super cute collection of pieces by fashion blogger Christine Andrews. She has a great eye when buying for her site and I found pairing this super summery top with some fall colors make it work. The burnt orange and grey chokers with the navy bag definitely balance out the light top.

thumb_IMG_1491_1024 thumb_IMG_1500_1024 thumb_IMG_1508_1024 thumb_IMG_1525_1024 thumb_IMG_1534_1024thumb_IMG_1556_1024

In addition to making summer colors work in the fall, I also realized that maybe sometimes it’s best to take pictures after brunch when my face doesn’t show how hangry I am. Forehead wrinkles are a total giveaway! 🙂

Top | ILY Couture
Jeans | Genetic
Shoes | Sam Edelman (similar – 30% off with code LABORDAY16)
Bag | 3.1 Philip Lim
Earrings | Kemi Designs
Necklaces | DIY choker


Wishing you all the very best start to your September and I hope Labor Day Weekend was everything you’d hoped it would be and more! I had an amazing time down in North Carolina with friends celebrating my dearest college friend’s bachelorette. Happy four day work week!

xx -TFB

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