Pasteling My Way Into Fall

So it’s officially after Labor Day, which usually means no more wearing white. That is, of course, unless you decide to be a crazy rule breaker and wear it anyways. I say, go for it as long as it doesn’t involve a white sandal when it’s snowing or any sort of lace. Ivory on the other hand, is quite alright since it’s a neutral for any season. And these shoes have blues in them that match my top perfectly!

Huge sale alert!! I just purchased this top on sale (for less than $20!) from ILY Couture, which is a super cute collection of pieces by fashion blogger Christine Andrews. She has a great eye when buying for her site and IΒ found pairing this super summery top with some fall colors make it work. The burnt orange and grey chokers with the navy bag definitely balance out the light top.

thumb_IMG_1491_1024 thumb_IMG_1500_1024 thumb_IMG_1508_1024 thumb_IMG_1525_1024 thumb_IMG_1534_1024thumb_IMG_1556_1024

In addition to making summer colors work in the fall, I also realized that maybe sometimes it’s best to take pictures after brunch when my face doesn’t show how hangry I am. Forehead wrinkles are a total giveaway! πŸ™‚

Top | ILY Couture
Jeans | Genetic
Shoes | Sam Edelman (similar – 30% off with code LABORDAY16)
Bag | 3.1 Philip Lim
Earrings | Kemi Designs
Necklaces | DIY choker


Wishing you all the very best start to your September and I hope Labor Day Weekend was everything you’d hoped it would be and more! I had an amazing time down in North Carolina with friends celebrating my dearest college friend’s bachelorette. Happy four day work week!

xx -TFB

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