So Ready For You, Fall!

Not that summertime stops me, but I can’t wait to get back to a dark colored lipstick. I still rock it occasionally in the summer, but only at night and it still just doesn’t feel right. In the Fall, I’m so about it. Another thing I’m all about lately is Le Tote. The hottest rental box that delivers five wardrobe additions to your doorstep that you can wear as much as you want, then send back. What?! Yes, you send it back!

After filling out a style survey, pieces are suggested for you based on what you liked. This top and necklace came in my very first tote and I couldn’t wait to wear them. Le Tote also gives you the option to purchase the items if you love them. I practiced self-restraint and only kept the necklace because I know I’ll wear it at least a billion more times.

Le Tote is a bit more pricey than a few of the others, but the pieces to purchase are wayyyy less expensive and you can wear the items once or ten times. The best part, wait for it, the totes are unlimited. You can wear everything in your tote, then send it back and get another box right away. Who even needs a real closet when you have this?!

thumb_img_1407_1024 thumb_img_1410_1024 thumb_img_1419_1024 thumb_img_1452_1024 thumb_img_1469_1024


Top & Necklace | Le Tote
Skirt | J. Crew
Boots | Zara
Bag | Aldo
Sunnies | Reddin (only $25!)
Lips | Liv by NARS


I try to limit the basic sounding things, but I love Fall so much. I also realize that it’s not quite Fall yet, but if it’s after Labor Day, then I’m done wearing flip flops. If you’re slacking on getting your Fall transition pieces, definitely check out Le Tote. If $59 a month will deliver everything I need to get into the swing of Fall, I’m so about it.

Ps. I love Le Tote so much that I’m an affiliate, which means I get some love from them when you give them some love too! 🙂


xx – TFB

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