Braids, Beads, and Love Bite

My favorite comment about this look was, “Love your necklace.” It basically came out as one word and under her breath as the girl it came out of coolly swayed past me coming from one of the Fashion Week shows and onto another. I was so taken off guard that I actually laughed before I could thank her, then she was gone, into the sea of fashionista’s and photographers.

I wasn’t expecting the degree of amazing from this necklace when I chatted with my friends over at 7 Charming Sisters, and when I received it I couldn’t stop looking at it. I kept it on my desk, right where I could see it. Everyday. Until the day came that I was ready to wear it. I was honestly shocked at how many people had made a comment about it during Fashion Week (which I realize now was almost eons ago). And guess how much it is. For real, guess. It’s under $30, and I’m not even lying. This look was what I wore to three shows on a Monday evening, one of the shows being Karma for a Cure that was held on a yacht. Talk about fancy shmancy. It was stellar, and you should go check out my fellow FITer’s collections here.

And I don’t want to use the word ashamed. The feeling I have about ordering a Kylie lip kit is more that I gave in to her super pouty snapchat’s and took a chance despite the mixed reviews that I’d heard. I went with the color Love Bite. I do love the color of it, but man is it dry and does not last. So, sadly I will not be ordering another. Nars it is, always and forever.

img_2758img_2804 img_2761 img_2765
img_2773 img_2789 img_2791
Tops | H&M
Jeans | Zara
Sneakers | Adidas
Necklace | 7 Charming Sisters
Bag | 3.1 Phillip Lim

I’m also so digging this layering trend. Thin straps are hard to make transition into the Fall. But I feel like I wasn’t able to get as much use out of this cute tank this summer as I wanted to. First, because of the fabric. It’s a bit heavier and of course being black, it’s not much of a daytime top. Second, it spend much of the summer living in my friend Hillary’s closet, and I wore it twice in one week when I got it back; this time being one. What a perfect way to keep summer clothes lasting just a little longer! Yay!

Have a super amazing weekend! And if you’re in the New York City area, I’ll be guest bartending at Public House in Manhattan to raise money for the Avon 39 walk! Stop by and say hello! It should be quite the scene. Partially because it’s during a football game so there’ll be lots of cute boys, and mostly because I’ve never been anything even close to a bartender before, so there will likely be lots of opportunities to laugh. Don’t worry though, I’ll probably be laughing with you.

xx -The Fashion Broad

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