My Favorite Coffee and Huge Yellow Scarf

I picked up this scarf last weekend, despite the thought of cold weather still only being a distant memory. When it was actually just about chilly enough to wear it this weekend, I was psyched!

I opted for just the scarf instead of a jacket also, which turned out to be an ok move. Saturday was way colder than the previous few days had been and I was not expecting it, but I was pretty prepared with a cup of Pret coffee and this with baby! I also fell in love with this girly plaid top. Both were under $30 at Zara, and I grabbed a turtleneck to layer under it. The pack is open and has two ties that hold it together. I didn’t get a picture, but you can check it out at the link below.

img_3769 img_3779 img_3800 img_3842 img_3858 img_3868

Top & Scarf | Zara
Jeans | Citizens of Humanity
Shoes | Celine
Earrings | Baublebar
Rings | Kemi Designs

I have also been cat sitting for the last few days and what a wake up call it’s been. I’ve never had to take care of an animal fully on my own, or at all since I was about 8. It’s been hilarious, and I’m thinking of sharing our shenanigans with ya. Stay tuned, and have a great Monday!

xx -TFB

*this post contains affiliate links

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