The Tee That Speaks The Truth

I’m not saying that I admit this tee is telling the truth, I’m just saying it could be. It might be partially true, or it might be fully true. I’ll let you be the judge. I saw this tee forever ago and have wanted it ever since. When I stumbled into Brandy Melville in SoHo last week, I spotted this gem stuffed into a rack of plain white tees trying to blend in. I grabbed it like I found $20 in the dryer and ran to the register to pay. Of course I couldn’t help but to grab this adorable bomber jacket and choker too!

Not to sound too Christopher Columbus-y, but I feel like I found Brandy Melville. A few years ago, I was studying abroad in London. I was fortunate enough to travel throughout Italy with my family, and had the opportunity to extend my trip to Berlin. I was so excited, it just came along with a few days in Rome alone. So I said, you guessed it, “When in ROME!” and went shopping.

I spent the days wandering around the cobble stone streets, and stopping at all the bakeries, fountains and stores that I’d never been to. Then I found Brandy Melville. I couldn’t get over how inexpensive and adorable everything was! Fast forward five or so years and they have locations in New York City! They could have been here all along, but I’ll always remember when I shopped there first!

img_3956img_3883 img_3927-2img_3925 img_3928 img_3956 img_3971

Tee & Bomber Jacket | Brandy Melville
Jeans | DL 1961
Sneakers | Adidas
Bag | Givenchy
Sunglasses | Smoke x Mirrors / DITTO

I can’t say it’s not true; I can totally be a little psycho sometimes. But what girl isn’t? I hope you all had a great and safe Halloween! I dressed up as Bill Belichick, heyyy to all my Patriots fans! Say hi in the comments below! 🙂

Happy Tuesday, and November 1st!!

xx – The Fashion Broad

*this post contains affiliate links

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