The Wrap Skirt in the Rain

You might not notice just by glancing at these pictures, but it was drizzling. Like, hard drizzle. Enough of a drizzle for my mom to be taking one-handed pictures while she held an umbrella over herself with the other hand. My hair also gets less and less straight as the pictures go on; I don’t totally hate it. Lake time doesn’t need perfect hair!

This adorable skirt is by Free People and it came in one of my recent totes from Le Tote. I originally wanted to wear it with a green top, but I literally don’t own one green top. So naturally I went for a black top. I think it’s better anyways, it keeps my look more fall-like. I went with a red lip, some big gold earrings, and my black booties. But I want to talk more about the skirt. It’s a real wrap skirt, meaning it opens to basically a big rectangle with two ties that hold it together. I love the layers on the bottom, and the awesome print.

img_3434 img_3451 img_3462 img_3501 img_3535 img_3566

Top | H&M
Skirt | Free People / Le Tote
Boots | Rag & Bone
Earrings | Gas Bijoux
Lipstick | Beso by Stila

And thanks to my mom for being my stand in photographer while I was home! Even though she makes me feel like I’m posing at Glamour Shots sometimes, she does a gewd job 🙂 And how can she not with that gorgeous lake behind me! Shout out to Lake Winnipesaukee in good old New Hampshire!!

Have a fab weekend loves!

xx -The Fashion Broad

*this post contains affiliate links

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