How to Host an Amazing Friendsgiving

Last Thursday, I held my 2nd annual Friendsgiving Party. I suppose technically it’s the 3rd, but the first party was a cookie swap that turned into us all laying on my bed watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. This year, though, was going to be the biggest and best party yet. It had to be. So, I put my thinking cap on and figured out a plan to make it one for the books. And man oh man was it fun! Here’s how it all went down:

First comes food. Thanksgiving was basically a potluck when it was originated, right? SO, why not keep that tradition alive and put my friends up to the challenge. There was no criteria for the dishes, just something that they liked cooking and that they could make enough of for 20 or so people. We had everything from bacon wrapped water chestnuts to pepper steak with gorgonzola to macaroni and cheese. It was all incredible, and sadly no one has a single shot of any of the dinner dishes. Including myself, since my memory card died half way through the party.

Dessert is always my favorite, and I’m all about that pumpkin flavored everything. We had pumpkin cheesecake, two pumpkin pies, chocolate cupcakes, banana bread, and the most amazing cookies. I wish I could say I made these darling little turkeys, but my friends over at Eleni’s Cookies wanted to send them over as a treat! They were so delicious, and almost too cute to eat. Almost. Eleni’s is also giving you guys all 15% off your order of any Thanksgiving items, online through 11/24 with the code “Friendsgiving” at checkout, just because they love you! Shop all their items here! Thanks Eleni’s, I’ll have four more orders!



Next comes the drinks. I made sure to stock up on wine from my favorite vineyard Gundlach Bundschu, both red and white because you never know which your guests will prefer. I also figured that a few of my darling friends would bring wine as a replacement for cooking. Again, not complaining! There was plenty to go around. All in all, we went through around 14 bottles. Not too shabby for 21 people!


After that comes the decor. I swear that if I didn’t work in fashion, I’d 100% be an event planner or interior decorator. I love love decorating for parties and finding fun ways to use supplies. I got these cute leaf streamers from the party store and left the rest up to mini pumpkins, flowers and candy dishes.


For the flowers, I teamed up with BloomThat to show off a bouquet of their blooms at my party and they were just gorgeous! They even want to offer my guests $10 off a purchase of $35!! And you guys are all my guests, even if you couldn’t make it to the party! So, if you want to save some dollars for your holiday shopping, but still want a stunning centerpiece for your Thanksgiving dinner table, use code GIVEBLOOMS at checkout to get $10 off from BloomThat!! They have all price ranges, starting at just $32!


Of course, my guests need to be entertained! An easy, inexpensive and fun way is to create a Snapchat geo-filter. So many people don’t realize how easy and cheap it is! It costs about $5, depending on where you make the filter. If you make it through Snapchat, there’s no additional fee. Of course I needed a little more pizazz to mine, so I used to make mine which added another $5. All in all, a great use of $10 for that extra bit of surprise.


So lastly, the huge surprise that I was able to keep from almost all of my guests was… a MAGICIAN! How I found him: I was in Brooklyn on the subway platform waiting for the L train at the Bedford stop last weekend. A magician happened to be just hanging out, shuffling cards (so Brooklyn). I walked up to him (after a few drinks) and said, “show me a trick!” Of course, he did, and I was just incredibly blown away. So much so that as I was running to the train, I demanded his name so I could look him up. Justin Sight, and get this: he’s legally blind. I needed him at my party. Though some of my guests might have been a little disappointed that he wasn’t a stripper, everyone was just as blown away as I was. If you’re looking for a magician, please please stop your search and look him up. Linked here, just for you.

img_4971 img_4985img_5004img_5002

To date, this was my favorite party. I hope that all of my guests agree and had a stellar Friendsgiving with me! I know that I will be celebrating this new tradition every year with my very  best friends; I have no idea how I’ll top a magician next year, but it’s never too early to start planning!

And a special thanks for Eleni’s and BloomThat for sponsoring the goodies!

Hoping you enjoyed this post, it was so much fun! I’d love to hear what everyone’s favorite parts were from the party! Aside from hanging out with my besties, mine was a tossup between having all the leftovers at my apartment and seeing Justin’s incredible tricks. By the way, he turned paper into ice cubes. What?!

xx – The Fashion Broad

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