‘Tis the Season for Oversized Sweaters

So it’s the week of Thanksgiving, and if you’re ready like I am, then you’ve got a plethora of oversized sweaters and stretchy waistband pants just waiting to be worn. This year, Thanksgiving is going to be held at my sisters house for the first time. She called me the other day and we collectively decided a ten pound bag of potatoes would probably be enough for the six of us.

My favorite is squash, but mashed potatoes are a close second. And I’m the one that forces everyone to share what they’re thankful for at the table. I’ll have to start making my list now!

img_5031 img_5059 img_5075 img_5086
img_5134img_5099 img_5144

Sweater | vintage (similar)
Jeans | AG Jeans
Necklace | 7 Charming Sisters (amazing sales right now!)
Boots | Forever 21
Bag | Rebecca Minkoff

I will give you guys the DL on all the sales I know going on, but I hope that you’re able to spend lots of quality family time and not so much quality waiting-in-line time this Thanksgiving!

And lastly, I’m so incredibly thankful for all of you! I love writing my blog and you all reading it is what keeps me going strong!

xx -The Fashion Broad

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