Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Coworkers

If you like them enough to get them a Christmas present, I’ve made it easy for you. Since drinking on the job is generally frown upon, wine and liquor isn’t always the best gift. Although I’d certainly love one of those offices that does Friday desk happy hours. Anyways, here’s what you need!

1. Busy Bee Mug and Pocket Notebook – $30


Coffee and note taking are two of the most important features of having a job. Why not help your cube-mate out?!

Buy it here!


2. Mitten Flask – $24


So no drinking on the job doesn’t mean no drinking after the job and on your way to happy hour, right? Just make sure they’re willing to share.

Buy it here!


3. LED Sipper – $12


I am all about hydration, and not just with wine. I try to drink at least 5 or 6 cups of water per day, but drinking out of a cup that lights up different colors makes it ten times more fun! Just clean your straw regularly, it can get weird..

Buy it here!


4. Compliment Pencils – $7.50


Who doesn’t like a nice compliment? You could even make a bunch of gifts out of this one pack… oh the possibilities!

Buy it here!


5. Boss Mug – $10.50


Do I hear some brownie points coming? If you get it as a group gift, it’s not quite so suck up-y. You could also get it for your assistant, and not just to fill up for you. As if you would ever do that!

Buy it here!


6. 2017 Hot Dudes Reading Wall Calendar – $14.99


You might even be able to consider this a gift to the office, if you work in a mainly female dominant office like me. That’s just the way fashion tends to be, but if I got to look at this each day I won’t complain!

Buy it here!


7. Aqua Dynamic Duo by Poppin – $24


Add some color to their desk while also getting them their own stapler so they can stop stealing yours. Win win. And of course, these are available in like a billion different colors.

Buy it here!


8. Pongo Portable Table Tennis – $40


Quiet day in the office? Say goodbye to boredom with this fancy little set! Find a vacant conference room and set up a little match of tennis. Love, anyone? I know nothing about tennis, sorry.

Buy it here!


9. Jolly Holiday Cookie Gift Set – $24.95


No one will be upset with you if you bring these in. Who cares if they’re not homemade? They’re totally Instagram-worth and are actually as delicious as they look!

Buy it here!


Ok loves, who else is on your list?! I have a few more in store for you so be sure to check in tomorrow! Also, I’ll be giving away one of these awesome gifts next week, so you best be following along here and on (don’t forget the underscore) to find out how to enter!

xx -The Fashion Broad



***This post may contain affiliate links, which means I might make a buck or two if you make a purchase through a link. Thanks a mill!

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