Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for the In-Laws

Probably the last person on your list that still hasn’t been crossed off, right? They can be the hardest ones to shop for, the in-laws. As if you aren’t enough of a gift (yes, you are!), now you have to find something else to give them with that pearly faux smile. You know the one… Well I’m here to help! Here’s what to get:

1. His and Hers Robe Set – $250


Yes, the price is a little steep, but this is a one and done gift; 2 bathrobes, 4 mugs, and a yummy candle. It gets them both done in one shot. I love hotel robes, and these are similar but way better because they’ll be the only ones wearing them!

Buy it here!


2. The Winter Warm-Up from BloomThat – $88 (save $10 with code GIVEBLOOMS)


No one hates flowers, especially when they’re hand-delivered (just as pictured) and with a yummy smelling candle! BloomThat is the best new flower delivery and has tons of different options that won’t cost you your left arm. Plus, you can save $10 with the code GIVEBLOOMS at checkout! But they don’t have to know that.

Buy it here!


3. Abner Wooden Toolbox – $142.50 (on sale)

toolboxA chic toolbox that doubles as rustic home décor! It can be used for the basic screwdrivers and wrenches, or a place to put spare keys and knick-knacks.

Buy it here!


4. Minimalist Passport Organizer – $38


If they’re the traveling types, this is the perfect gift. Having to carry a wallet, passport and documents whenever traveling is a disaster waiting to happen. This is a total life simplifier, and comes in a few different colors!

Buy it here!


5. Artist Print Holiday Tin Candles – $12


Easy as pie. Holiday + candles = happiness!

Buy it here!


6. Oven-to-Table Entertaining Platter – $64.95


Are they the entertaining type or just simply like to have fancy serving trays? I mean, I kind of want this for myself. If you’re really into it too, just order an extra one. No one ever said you don’t deserve a treat too!

Buy it here!


I hope these things help out in some way! Even if it gives you another idea that’s more specific to your in-laws. Maybe they’re more of animal people, or chefs that want new baking sets. In any case, if you get them a gift from your heart, they’re guaranteed to love it!

xx -TFB



***this post may contain affiliate links, which means I might make a couple pennies if you make a purchase. Hey, I have a few people to shop for too!

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