Free Starbucks for a Month!

Hi friends! As promised last week on my Holiday Gift Guide, I have some awesome giveaways for your this week! First up is this tumbler from Starbucks that will get you through your post-holiday blues. When you have this cup, you get FREE coffee for the entire month of January. And YOU can win it! Here’s how:

To enter, all you have to do is head over to and follow the instructions on my latest post (pictured below!). It’s a super easy contest, and the winner will be chosen at random.




If you want to purchase this cup or find out more about it, here is the link! I’ve gotten the January cup for the last few years and it is the best thing to get through the long (short) and cold January days!

Be sure to check back in for the next giveaways this week! And if you’re still looking for gifts for those on your list, my Holiday Gift Guide has you covered!

Good luck my loves, and this giveaway is not sponsored, just me trying to show you all a little holiday love and cheer! 🙂

xx -The Fashion Broad

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