May I Present: My Christmas Tree!

Christmas 2016 is the first year I have my very own tree. I mean, my own, 6 foot, live tree that smells amazing and is filled with just my own decorations exactly how I want it. Yeah, I’ve had a the 2 or 3 footers in previous years, and last year I paid $90 for one that wasn’t even up to my waist. The stand was included, for an extra 20 bucks. So this year when I heard about Tyler’s Trees, I was obsessed before I could even say Bah Humbug!

Tyler’s Trees is a 9 year old company that was founded by two guys looking to take the hassle out of getting a tree in New York City. Just like everything else here, you gotta carry it. Whether it’s groceries, dry cleaning, your gym bag, or a new kitten. If you’re feeling super fly, you can get some of these things delivered. And thankfully, I’ll be adding my Christmas tree to the delivery list for the rest of my NYC Christmases.

Tyler Kupper and Brian Millman were inspired to create Tyler’s Trees after watching a fellow New Yorker struggle to get his new Christmas tree across the street one cold winter. I picture it snowing and the guy only wearing one glove. Besides the point. Since then, Tyler and Brian have been sourcing their trees straight from North Carolina and hand delivering them to New York City residents. Delivery comes with a stand, set up, and even the tree’s first official watering. If you’re feeling extra fabulous, the folks at Tyler’s Trees will even decorate your tree for you with the purchase of a tree that’s at least 9 feet tall.

Mine is only 6 feet tall, but here’s what’s up. So when I got my tree, I could barely stop shrieking with sounds of excitement. Similar to a child that just got a puppy. I couldn’t wait a day to decorate it, so I put lights, ribbon and a few big flowers on it to start. I forced myself to wait for the rest. I did tons of research on a color and decor theme on Pinterest and decided gold with hints of red what the direction I was heading.


The next day, I decided that it needed to settle and the lights were constraining it. So I undecorated what I had already done. I let it chill for a few hours, then I redecorated it with lights and started to put ornaments on!! Some purchased at Michael’s, some homemade (pictured below), and others that are special ones gathered throughout my travels.

img_4774 img_4783 img_4807img_4832

After decorating my tree, I again undecorated it after realizing I didn’t have nearly enough lights. UGH! Apparently the protocol is one string of lights for every foot of tree. I had 6 feet of tree and only two strings of lights. So, down to the store I went to get lights and an extension cord. Redecorated it. And here is the final product!!


Sometimes life can be hard and taking selfies with an actual camera doesn’t work out well.


And sometimes life works out just perfect!


Thank you a million times to Tyler’s Trees for my tree, and for having literally the best service ever.

To get your very own tree hand delivered, click here! Tyler’s Trees start out at $139 for a 5 footer, and you can get lights, wreaths and garland too! And though you might not have thought that far ahead yet, Tyler’s will even come pick up the tree after the holiday. How much better does it get thank that?! I don’t even know how to properly dispose of a Christmas tree in New York City. I also have a feeling that I will be pushing mine to the very last pick up date possible. I just love it so much!

You know that something is right in your life when you can’t wait to get home to gaze at your Christmas tree each evening.

Merry Christmas all!

xx -The Fashion Broad

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