Home Home for the Holidays

I’m so lucky to have this beautiful backdrop as my home home. That’s not a typo; my home is New York City and my home home is New Hampshire. Having snow and watching a sunset while I was home over the holidays were right up there with my favorite parts of the long weekend. Aside from eating, throwing wrapping paper balls at my sisters, and getting all dressed up.

After I circled the same three rows in the parking lot waiting for someone to leave (commitment) on December 23rd, I finally got myself a spot and galloped into the  Burlington (Massachusetts) mall. I stopped into all my usual stores, and came across the new Primark! Insanely excited, I ran in because this was one of my favorite stores to shop when I was abroad in London eons ago!

My bodysuit and boots are from Primark, which is the most fabulous store for all of your fashion essentials, from shoes to dresses to pajamas. But I’ll get into all that on another post, so stay tuned! Also, totally scored this super sparkly choker at TJ Maxx for only $16.99. And if you’re a fan of one-of-a-kind and eclectically beautiful outerwear pieces like my vest, you’ll want to check out By Raha. They’re all handmade in Iran and have so much character in each piece.

img_5186 img_5199 img_5229 img_5239 img_5244 img_5258 img_5301 img_5308img_5271

Vest | By Raha
Bodysuit and Boots | Primark
Jeans | AG
Choker | TJ Maxx
Lipstick | Stila in Ricco

This Christmas was one of the best yet, and I can’t wait to share all my favorite things with you guys! I got tons of new stuff to try out! Hoping you all had an amazing few days off to spend with your loved ones!

xx -TFB

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