Put Some Jalapa Jar in Your Life

If you frequent the Clark St. subway stop in Brooklyn during your commute, I’m jealous of your life. Not because of the required elevator ride (no stairs from the train?), but because it is home to Jalapa Jar. With amazing breakfast tacos and queso, delicious Austin, TX-sourced coffee beans, and freshly made salsa each week, Jalapa Jar helps hundreds satisfy their hungry bellies on the daily.

Jalapa Jar started with a perfected salsa recipe created by founder Joel, that was shared with cousins Steve and Tommy which soon led to the delicious formation of this commuter favorite. Eventually, the Tex-Mex breakfast tacos were popping up at food truck-esque spots like Smorgasburg, the Upper West Side’s Grand Bazaar, and even in some offices through their catering services. They’ve caught not just my attention, but also that of Time Out New York, Eater, and Gothamist.

Recently, Jalapa Jar opened their first location at the Clark St. stop on the 2/3 train just outside the subway turn styles. Get ready for your belly to growl with these pictures below. Especially the one of cutie founder Steve and me. (heart eyes)

img_3708img_3661 img_3738 img_3749 img_3751 img_3757 img_3896

If for no other reason, follow Jalapa Jar on Instagram because their food pictures are mouthwatering. And just because I care about you, I’ve included some below 🙂

jalapa jalapa-subway jalapajar

If you love tacos, fresh guacamole, and queso as much as I do, you better try this place out. They sell their salsa by the jar so you can enjoy Jalapa bliss, even at home!

Enjoy Jalapa Jar Monday-Friday 7am-9pm and find all the details here!

Happy Friday!!

xx -TFB

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