Snowstorming in Pink and Glitz

I was unprepared for what was looming outside this past Saturday when I decided I was going to venture to Brooklyn. Yes, I was bundled up, but there becomes a certain point of bundled that just doesn’t make a difference when it’s snowing sideways. However, since about 80% of my trip was underground in the subway, I managed to get there with some heat left in my body. I was also wearing a jacket that is invisible in these pictures.

So first I want to talk about these boots. They’re another one of my Primark finds, and for $20. Freaking $20 you guys!! Embroidered pink flowers and green leaves, grey faux-suede, and pretty comfortable, you simply cannot beat the price. I’ve been sort of dying for a pair of these trendy embroidered boots, but I just can’t spend the money on the one’s I’ve been eyeing. And these are definitely fulfilling my need, while also keeping my wallet happy.

Since I really only have one pink top, I knew today was the day to wear it with my new boots. It was also super convenient that it’s a totally warm and fuzzy sweater. I paired a darling glitzy necklace with it because I think it looks like snowflakes, sort of? Anyways, this necklace and tons more are sale right now for only $7!

img_5488img_5546img_5473 img_5550img_5728 img_5568

Sweater | Poshmark, no tag
Jeans | Genetic Denim
Boots | Primark (I only got them two weeks ago, but they’re not on the site!)
Scarf | Zara
Necklace | 7 Charming Sisters

Glad I didn’t turn 100% into a snow man this weekend, and I hope you all stayed warm and dry! How did you guys all survive? I drank so much hot chocolate, and some champagne because why not!? Have a lovely week!

xx -TFB


***this post may contain affiliate links, which means if you make a purchase by clicking one, I will make a small percentage. kthanks:)

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