The New Moto Jacket

I have decided to retire my black H&M faux-leather moto jacket. It had been around since my clubbing years (2011-2012) and has more than seen its day. The plastic-like material had started to flake off and I felt that was the sign I was waiting for to part with it. Nothing will ever replace it  in my closet, but this new jacket is on a way new level.

To get a real, buttery suede jacket with a cool (and noisy) belt, epaulets, and all kinds of bells and whistles for under $200 is just about unheard of. As I was browsing Nordstrom’s site around Christmas to complete my list to Santa, I found this jacket and fell in love with the color. I often shy away from burgundy because my lip color is generally always a very similar shade to it, but I added it to my list thinking I’d give it a try.

I am so not disappointed with this baby and can’t wear it enough. It was in the 30’s this weekend and I refused to wear anything heavier. As you can see by my fellow New Yorkers, it was a bundle-up kind of weekend. But sometimes a sacrifice has to be made for fashion, and for me it was my body heat.

img_5789img_5738-2 img_5758-2 img_5764 img_5804-3

Jacket | BLANKNYC (for reference, I’m wearing a small)
Pants | WhoWhatWear/Target
Shirt | Brooks Brothers
Bag | Chloe ‘Marcie – Large’
Boots | Forever 21

Please note that not pictured was my gigantic yellow scarf and the cab I had just gotten out of before going into a bar to watch football. I was only out in the cold for a minute, and this jacket is actually surprisingly pretty warm. I’m still on the hunt for a good puffer though.

Have a stellar weekend, and let’s hear it for the Patriotssss!!!!!!

xx -The Fashion Broad

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