The Everyday Ruffle Sweatshirt

So I was recently feeling in a bit of a fashion drab; I decided to do some online browsing to see if I could find something to pump up my yucky January feels. Naturally, Topshop was already open in my browser, and I just so happened to find this gorg ruffle number and fell in love! It’s a sweatshirt, but sort of a fancy sweatshirt. It has satin ruffles, and in my opinion when you add satin plus ruffles to anything, it can go from zero to wardrobe staple just like that.

The most perfect thing about it is that it can be worn so many different ways. I got a super cute light blue and ivory striped mini skirt to wear this with too. But that’ll come later on. For this look, I obviously layered a turtleneck under it because that’s just what I do. I was also trying to keep warm from the inside so I didn’t have to wear a jacket, and it totally worked! Another weekend brunch in style, thanks to Topshop!

img_5872-2 img_5874-2 img_5876-2 img_5880-2 img_5892-2 img_5903-2img_5921-3

Sweatshirt | Topshop
Jeans | Hudson
Boots | Rag & Bone
Bag | Chloe
Earrings | BaubleBar

I can’t wait to show you what else I have in the line-up from Topshop. By the way, they sponsored this post so be sure to check out all they have right now (and it’s some seriously rad things).  And if you make a purchase through one off my links, I might make a few bucks. Topshop is also having a major sale right now, and I can tell you I’ll be back there again right after I finish typing this!

xx -Stephanie

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