The Fairy Tale of Autumn – Dan Liu FW17

As my first show of the season to kick off Fashion Week, Dan Liu was definitely a great introduction. After a crazy mid-week blizzard that nearly shut down the city, I needed a bright sunny day filled with fashion. And I got exactly what I asked for!

The Fairy Tale of Autumn-themed show began with a red masked ballet dancer gracefully moving about the runway adorned with fall-colored leaves and stick-like props. After a few moments, the models started filing down the runway to show off their gorgeous scarves, dresses and jackets all made by the uber-talented Dan Liu.

Taking inspiration from his Chinese and Japanese heritage, Liu included vibrant hues and prints in his designs, while keeping a feminine and preppy feel to the collection. The models had orange eye shadow that blended down the cheekbone and softly braided and curled hair, some styled the warm tone leaves.

Some images are below, courtesy of Getty Images a few oddly angled and blurry images of my own 🙂

Pop Dust
Getty Images
Getty Images
Getty Images
Getty Images
Getty Images
Getty Images
Getty Images
Getty Images

img_6571 img_6574img_6565

Also, one of my favorite parts of any runway show is the photographer pit. To me, it’s sort of like looking at a groom as the bride walks out; no one really pays attention to them but they’re so fun to look at. Thank goodness for them, though. How else would we get such amazing images of the stunning pieces?!

Check out Dan Liu’s site here, and be sure to follow my Fashion Week adventures on Instagram –

Happy Fashion Week!

xx -The Fashion Broad

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