12 New Coach Pieces We Totally Deserve

Can we just talk about the major moment that accessories have been having? I feel like they’re everything right now, and are so much more important than they have been in past seasons. Not to mention the fact that I have been craving a new bag recently, and I am just in stinking love with pretty much everything at Coach.

I think I deserve a treat for all of my hard work in life, like keeping myself warm this winter, making sure I stay fed, and remembering my keys almost everyday this week. Gosh darnit I am good, I think you deserve a treat too!! We’re rockstars, now let’s accessorize like it!!

Here are a few things you totally deserve to spruce up your wardrobe this season, in no particular order. Actually, the first bag is my favorite 🙂

  1. Rogue 25 with Tea Rose Appliqué $89587065_bpl4g_a0
  2. Rogue Tote in Glovetanned Leather with Link Detail $99586810_bpchk_a0
  3. Minetta Colorblock Sandal $245q9140_m1l_a0
  4. Dinkier Colorblock Link Leather $45086832_lhpel_a0
  5. Western Rivets Feather Bag Charm $14558492_svpk_a0
  6. Dinky Glovetanned Leather with Tea Rose $59538197_bpeqo_a0
  7. Western Rivets Drifter Top Handle $59557659_dkliq_a0
  8. All Over Western Rivets Page Crossbody $55057658_svm2_a0
  9. Western Embellished Bolero Necklace $22558483_svgn_a0
  10. Swagger in Colorblock Leather $55056039_dkbi9_a0
  11. Rogue 25 in Glovetanned Pebbled Leather $59554536_olchk_a0
  12. Pouch in Glovetanned Leather With Wild Tea Rose $22559527_bppel_a0

You might also notice how much *PiNk* there is in this new collection by Coach. Remember this post from a few weeks ago? Consider most of these appropriate to add as well. It’s so hard to not add all of these to my shopping cart and accidentally charge it to my emergency credit card. Lord, please let me wake up with all the appliqué roses I could ever want!!

xx -The Fashion Broad



****This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll make a few dollars if you purchase something. No pressure, but you totally deserve a treat ❤ 😀

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