Trend to Try: Colorful Mirrored Sunglasses

I’ve always been a sort of boring when it comes to sunglasses. I love wearing them, but compared to my light-eyed friends, I always seem to add them as a last accessory rather than base an outfit around them. That was, of course, until I discovered DIFF Eyewear and found all of these new colorful mirrored sunglasses (that all benefit a great cause!!).

It also wasn’t until I was in Miami that I realized how many people wear them. Perhaps it’s because hats and gloves come first during winter in New York, but I am literally obsessed with the mirrored look. And I love that they come in so many super fun colors!

Here are a few that I own; you might be able to tell I prefer larger frames that can hide my morning pre-coffee face. And I included some others that might fit your personal style to try!

  1. DIFF Eyewear: Bella in Matte Black and Pink $85img_6169img_6560
  2. DIFF Eyewear: Rose in Pink Pearl and Pink $85img_6909 img_6962
  3. DIFF Eyewear: Bella in Tortoise and Blue $85img_6815
  4. DIFF Eyewear: Barry in Matte Black and Pink $85
  5. DIFF Eyewear: Kota in Black and Purple $60kota_blk_purp_1_1024x1024
  6. A. J. Morgan: Cat Eye Sunglasses $24_100397902
  7. Spitfire: Alpha Mirrored Sunglasses $59_100514141
  8. Le Specs: Wild Child $79_10872498
  9. Westward Leaning: Atlas $185_13261263
  10. SUPER by Retrosuperfuture: Flat Top $300_12501297


Sunglasses aren’t just for summer anymore guys, but they definitely help for warm Miami beach days and can even double as goggles to protect your face from big unexpected waves! I also discovered that the world looks much more saturated through the lens of colored sunglasses. The water is bluer and trees are greener. Talk about life being greener on the other side!

xx -Stephanie


****this post may contain affiliate links, which means if you click a link and purchase anything on the site I may make a small commission off the purchase. You’re not charged any more, it just might get me an extra cup of coffee for the week! So, thank you!

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