Tassels on My Dress

Tassels are my favorite. I don’t care where they are, what color, or even what piece of my clothing they are on. I saw a string belt the other day that simply had tassels hanging on it. It was online and now I’m so determined to make it.

So I will spare you with anything about Coachella for just this post, but don’t expect that next week. I will definitely be rocking tassels there (hopefully my new DIY belt!!), and some other super fun things so be sure to follow along on snap – @ thefashionbroad!

Any who, this dress is perfect for this time of year. It’s a a wee bit thick, but the extreme mini length keeps me nice and cool. It’s one of those dresses that you have to be careful how high you raise your arms or that you don’t make a wrong move. Admittedly, this dress might be better suited with tights in the Fall, but for now, here it’ll stay!

Dress | Zara
Boots | Celine
Earrings | David Yurman

I hope you all have an amazing Easter weekend and had save travels. I’ll be heading out west this week and be coming to you live everyday via snap and Instagram!

Talk soon!

xx -Steph

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