The REAL Coachella

Last weekend, I was in California at Coachella weekend 2. It was such an incredible experience and I had soooo much fun. I met super fun people and my abs got an intense workout from the amount of laughter that we all had.

Now it might come to a surprise to a few of you that Coachella isn’t just a fashion show with live music. I don’t know that there was one day there that didn’t get to at least 100° as we were after all, in the desert. And speaking of being in the desert, there’s dust. Lots and lots of dust. Those bandanas aren’t just a fashion statement; they’re actually frequently used by everyone to prevent the dust from getting into your lungs and ish. I had a pretty solid cough the entire weekend, and still now, though I’m sure it’s lasted a bit longer due to lack of sleep.

The fashion is very fun to look at; people go all out in their craziest and most colorful getups. Some wear next to nothing. Others, like me, tend to dress a bit more on the more conservative side. Just remember that as with lots of other cases, Coachella on Instagram isn’t exactly what it is in reality. It’s hot you guys, I didn’t do my hair or wear make up at all. I tried one day, my all-day lipstick lasted, but nothing else did. I was also not in an air-conditioned  VIP tent for the day or have a fancy hotel in Palm Springs each night, so my experience was much more normal than a few of those on the old IG. Let me just show you.

My fashion

Sneakers all weekend. I didn’t even consider heels. A bandana for each outfit is a must, and inexpensive sunglasses if you’re accident-prone. Sunscreen is just as important as a bandana, and water, water, water. Of course, I wore a few more outfits, but since I didn’t have a personal photographer following me around, these are the ones I got to snap! 🙂

Outfit 1:
Bodysuit | Forever 21
Shorts | BP. Nordstrom
Sneakers | Nike Air Max
Bag | Rebecca Minkoff
Sunglasses | Aldo

Outfit 2:
Tank and shorts | American Fox (vintage shop, mentioned later)
Sneakers | Nike Air Max
Sunglasses | DIFF Eyewear

Things to do

Around the car-campers, there are tons of fun activities. A vintage market that had pretty much anything you could ever want to wear at Coachella. I obviously couldn’t stay away. There’s a barbershop, places to eat, games and activities, and a general store that sells all the Coachella necessities like tents, sunglasses, and blankets for sleeping or for grassy lounging. Inside the venue, there’s amazing foods to try, lots more shops, and of course a bunch of stages to watch everyone perform!

The Art

Anyone would have enjoyed browsing the enormous sculptures, art and decor at the infamous polo grounds, though I can’t quite make out what they are. To me, colors, funny shapes, and maybe some animals come to mind. Other than that, just fun looking lawn ornaments that also act as a point place to meet friends. “Meet me by the party hat elephant/boxy unicorn?”

The Views

Need I say more?

Would I go back? Probably. Would I get a super cool new ear piercing three days before I go? Probably not. If I were to do it any differently, I’d make a solid list of every performer I’d like to see and make sure I knew where each stage was. I’d also pack a little differently, and try to use one of the other 7 bananas I brought. All in all, I loved Coachella and can’t wait for the next occasion I can rock my blue hair extensions and American flag sunglasses!

xx -S

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