Overall Dress and a Pin

Do you ever accidentally spend two hours watching puppy videos? Yeah, that just happened to me and I’m not too upset about it. Other than the fact that I don’t have one. But at least I have this super cute overall dress. Does it compare even a little bit? No, but it’ll just have to do for today.

I ordered this dress a few weeks ago (as part of a Saturday night in binge purchase after a bottle of wine), and is one of the few pieces I actually kept, along with these sneakers which are on sale now, lucky you. I live in dresses in the summer because they require almost no effort or thought. I especially love this dress because I won’t have to worry about holding it down during windy days!

I paired it with this cool graphic tee from H&M that I’ve been living in lately. It was on sale for about $7, and I might like it even more than ones I’ve spend 10x that amount on. I rolled the sleeve to give it an edgier look, and added my fun new pin that I got at a vintage shop in Brooklyn. Yes, I’ll admit it’s insanely random on the pocket, but that’s just where it ended up! And lastly, the sneakers. Loving the platform, just can’t wait for them to be broken in a little more  so I can live in them this summer!!!

Dress | Topshop
Tee | H&M (similar)
Sneakers | Steve Madden (on sale!!)
Choker | Baublebar
Necklace | Nordstrom
Pin | Vintage

I think it’s about darn time I do a giveaway. It’s been about 100 years since I’ve done now, and I have amazing products from Aveda that you all have to try! Check my Instagram tonight for all the details, linked for your convenience @ thefashionbroad_ ! 😉

xoxoxoxo Steph

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