Better Than a Bathing Suit

I spent this Memorial Day weekend living in my bathing suit, floating in the water (which may have only been 60°), and eating s’mores left and right. I’m so uncontrollably excited that summer is [almost] here and I can’t wait to spend every weekend possible up at the lake! One of the things helping me get through the long week days is this bathing suit-like bra from UNIQLO.

Changing out of my wet bathing suit is one of the best feelings ever, but having to put an uncomfortable bra on just takes all the good feels away. That is until I found this amazing wireless bra from UNIQLO. Not only does it feel nonexistent (in the best way), but it also has matching undies that are also incredibly soft and comfy. When I wasn’t living in my bathing suit this weekend, you could definitely catch me lounging in this set!

Shop this amazing wireless bra here and you can find the undies here! And lucky you, the bra is on sale right now for almost half off. I have finally found my new favorite bra and will definitely be ordering more stat!
Thank you so much to UNIQLO for sending me this bra to try out, I love love love it!!

xx -TFB


***this post contains affiliate links which means I will make a few bucks if you click one and make a purchase. Thanks for the coffee, because that’s what it’ll likely go towards! ❤

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