Top with the Bow

I don’t think I need to explain what I love most about this top. Any guesses? Ok, it’s the bow. It’s a little different for me to have such a huge focal point on something that isn’t an accessory, but I freaking love it and it’s only $17.

The best way to wear such a statement is by making sure the rest of the outfit is relatively toned down. I opted for the worn black jeans, black shoes and simple hoops. I just got this darling Kemi Designs crescent necklace and have been living in it; this look was no exception! The sunnies are a bit unexpected, and I’d love to say that I planned to wear pink with the burgundy, but they were just the only sunglasses I had on me while shooting. I’m into it though!

Top | SheIn (also comes in black!)
Jeans | Zara
Shoes | Zara
Necklace | Kemi Designs
Sunglasses | DIFF Eyewear

So this weekend I moved back uptown (I lived up here prior to my most recent apartment) and I am still living out of boxes. One can only spend so much of the weekend unpacking! I got all of the necessities out of the way (my bed), and got myself some incredible smelling lilacs. Starting to feel like home already!

xx -TFB

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