One Year of The Fashion Broad

The last year has been amazing. I am in love with The Fashion Broad and I can’t believe it’s been a year since my (re)launch party! I’ve had so many wonderful experiences because of TFB, and all of your love and support. I appreciate you all everyday and you are totally what keeps me going!

If you’re a newer follower, thank you, and also you may not know that when I originally created my blog (back in 2013!!) it was called Let’s Talk Twenties. I love that at the time when I was a tender 23 years old and had the world ahead of me, but eventually grew out of it. Now I’m a tender 27 years old, still have the world ahead of me, but I’m now The Fashion Broad. I think it suites me much better and doesn’t have a ten year expiration date.

My one year anniversary was actually June 3rd which was a week ago, but holy moly I’ve been a busy bee. My older sister’s baby shower was this weekend, and luckily I was able to repurpose these balloons! It was beautiful and I can’t wait to be an auntie in August! It’s also a girl, if you couldn’t tell!

Top | SheIn
Skirt | Badgley Mischka (similar from ASOS)
Shoes | Joie
Earrings | Gas Bijoux

A note about this top – not only is it super cute, but it’s also very comfy. The sleeves fit a bit tight, but are stretchy so they aren’t annoying. I love the bell style and especially what a nice big a-line skirt. The skirt is vintage, but I linked a similar one right up there for you! And this top comes in a few different colors, and is only $13. Come on. I just ordered all of them.

If you have a minute, give this post a like, comment, email me, subscribe, something to let me know you’re enjoying The Fashion Broad as much as I enjoy writing it! It wouldn’t be the same without you, so thank you times a billion!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

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xx -Stephanie

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