Pom Poms and Pants at the Beach

Confession: this is my little sister’s shirt. She wore it out on the boat the other day and I asked her if I could borrow it before we even left the dock. It’s from Francesca’s and also comes in hot pink. I don’t know how I would have chosen between the two colors if I were the original purchaser, but I do love the how the colorful little pom poms stand out!

I don’t usually wear pants to the beach, but mornings at the lake can be a little chilly. We took these pictures on the morning of her birthday. I know it seems like I’m making her work on her special day, (she has quite a talent and loves photography, so this was fun for her. I swear.) but my mom was inside creating a surprise DIY pancake breakfast. We put candy, pie, icing and even ice cream on our pancakes and I was on a total sugar high for about an hour after. Then I needed a nap.

Tank: Francesca’s | Jeans: Zara | Shoes: Forever 21 (Blush) | Earrings: Forever 21 | Sunglasses: DIFF Eyewear

How darling are these sandals also? I found them at Forever 21 for under $20 while I was picking up a few birthday presents for my little angel. Man, she’s 14 already. Where does the time go?? Happy birthday kiddo, and thanks for letting me borrow your top!

Have a fabulous weekend my loves!

xx -S

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