Little Luxuries for Under $10!

With a self-inflicted hard stop on spending and the hunt for a new strategy on budgeting my money, I’ve been on the hunt for inexpensive treats to reward myself. I know it might sound a little backwards, but if I can’t enjoy the small luxuries in life, then am I even living? Here are a few things that I’ve discovered and love for under $10!

ColourPop Lippie Stix – $5

For five freaking dollars, you can enjoy millions of shades of quality lipstick that are highly pigmented, loaded with vitamin E and shea butter, and won’t ruin your streak of saving money. I just tried out two (Bossy & TGIF – appropriate) and I lOvE them so much. I don’t leave home without at least one in my purse!


Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Glass Candle Lavender – $6.99

This may seem obvious, but candles are such a great little luxury. Some can be so expensive, which I just don’t understand, but these Mrs. Meyer’s Lavender candles smell so amazing and are only $6.99. You can get them at most places that sell cleaning products, or just pick yourself up a few tea lights. They may not smell as lovely, but serve the same purpose.


SUGARFIX by BaubleBar Crystal Stud Earring Set – $9.08

If you love the BaubleBar look, but don’t want to spend the $$$, I don’t blame you. The newish collaboration with BB and Target is pretty awesome for those of us who want the glitz without the sort of unnecessary price! These babies come as a set (on sale) for just under ten bucks. Hellz yeah!


Succulent Garden – DIY $ChEaP

You might remember this post from last year; I got a bunch of succulents and made my own little garden! Now if you don’t have the patience, or desire to build your own, grab a few of these easy-care plants to brighten up your surroundings. They’re usually about $2-$4 depending on size and where you buy them, Home Depot has a ton!



Essie nail polish – $8.50

Self-explanatory, and there’s a need for a new nail polish. Am I right?


House of Harlow Necklace – $10

Ok, so even though you can’t keep this one forever, it’s still only $10 to rent it for a few days and wear the crap out of it! It’s a perfect statement piece for a long weekend or outfit addition to an office-ready dress. Rent the Runway has so many pieces to rent, from jewelry to bags to clothing! Yay!!

Have a great weekend my loves, and maybe buy yourself a bottle of wine and have a girls night in! 🙂


xx -S

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