Little Man on my Neck

Last year after seeing this adorable necklace in a blog post, my mom told me she had to have it. I played it off like I forgot, but I ended up getting it for her birthday last year. Mostly because she loved it, but also because I wanted to borrow it. He’s so stinking cute, how could I not?

I also love him with this floral top. I could have totally gone with a darker statement necklace, but  I wanted a more subtle accessory since these shoes made it into the shot again. Also, this top is one size, so comfy and under $15. I need it to come in a ton more colors so I can just wear it everyday. Linked below, just for you!

Top : SheIn | Jeans : Hudson (on sale!) | Shoes : Manolo Blahnik | Necklace : H. P. F. Christopher | Lipstick : Stila Stay All Day | Bag : Chloe

Found this super rustic and sort of abandoned looking alley in Concord, NH while I was home last weekend too. I will definitely be back there to take more pictures; no annoying tourists walking through the background! And it’s right next to my favorite consignment store called Lilise!

I came across an email the other night asking me about ideas for a bucket list from one of my amazing readers. I love love these emails and messages! If you’re starting a blog, thinking about it, want to know what city life is like, anything at all, just email me or send me a message on any social media! It makes my heart happy to chat and help, even if it’s just answering questions!

You’re the stinking best, and don’t you forget that!

xx -Stephanie



***this post contains affiliate links, which means if you click one and make a purchase I will make a tiny percentage. Thanks for that!

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