Just a Picnic in the Park

As one of the last summer weekends in the city, getting a picnic in was obviously very necessary. After a few iced coffees and a quick stop at Whole Foods for our sandwiches, we were ready to venture west to the park. Of course the grass was soaked (and somehow turned my friend’s shorts green?), so bringing the blanket was the best decision! My skirt stayed white, so all is well here.

One of my favorite places to go in the park is by the castle in the middle of the park. I can’t give you directions to it because any time I actually find it, it’s completely by chance. But I’m pretty sure it’s the only castle there. It’s so pretty and right by the turtle pond. Central Park is such a great New York City place to hang out. I’ve spent quite a bit of time there this summer, but after this hawt weekend, I’m ready for my next visit to be for making snowmen.

Tank : Forever 21 | Skirt : Mark | Shoes : Chanel | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff | Earrings : Baublebar

I also went hiking this past weekend, so stay tuned for a post all about that! I am not the most adventurous, but given the lack of preparation and understanding of what “a day of hiking” means, I somehow made it through! Get your tips and tricks ready for me! 🙂

xx -TFB

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