Seasonal Transition in Crop Tops

Transitioning your wardrobe from season to season can be tricky. Especially when half of your wardrobe is still packed in boxes from your move three months ago. Like my friend. Anyways, the best way to keep up with the changing weather is to keep wearing the same clothes. Trust me, I do it all the time!

I wore this crop top a few months back when I was in Los Angeles with a denim mini skirt and braids. And would you look at that! My braids are looser, and my mini skirt has turned into a mini jacket. Fun fact (that I’m sure I’ve mentioned before), this is a kids jacket that I got at a yard sale for $5. Everyone laughed when I picked it up, but when it actually fit I laughed right stinking back!

Let’s circle back to the point here. It’s getting chilly and your midriff ain’t about that life. Hike up those jeans, throw on a light jacket and a dark accessory or two, but he sure to keep part neutral i.e. bag and shoes! That is what’s up my friends.

Tank : ASOS | Jeans : Zara | Sunglasses : DIFF Eyewear | Earrings : Papersource | Bag : Proenza Schouler | Shoes : Chanel | Choker : Nordstrom

These cutie bee earrings were a birthday gift from my dear friend Carolyn. I love wearing them because they make me feel like the queen bee: strong, sassy and give me an I-can-do-anything attitude. Sometimes I wear them to sleep when I feel like I need extra strength too.

How are you all enjoying the super slight chill in the morning air lately? I really love it, and am way too excited at just the thought of wearing sleeves and ordering hot coffee again. Boots? Sweaters? Scarves? AHHHH! I’ll try to cool it for now (seewhatididthere) I’m just over the city heat babes!

Thinking about ya’ll in Houston! If you want to help but aren’t sure how, consider donating just one day’s lunch worth to the American Red Cross –>> Linked here I did my part last night, and if nothing else send your prayers! ❤

xx -TFB

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