Night at the Aquarium

As I’m catching up on all my socials on the train back to New York, it seems as though Labor Day weekend weddings are the new thing to do. I always love a good wedding; dressing up, great food and drinks, and love floating in the air. What more could you ask for?? Ok, let’s get back to that dressing up part.

My LDW wedding was held at Mystic aquarium in Connecticut. When I began looking for the perfect dress, I was lost. It’s the last official weekend of summer, so my look shouldn’t have florals or pastels, and don’t even get me started on the length.

Since the wedding was likely going to have an aquatic theme (assumption based on location), I figured I’d start with looking for a blue dress. When I came across this long sleeved lace number, I felt it was perfect! Just enough skin for September, with sleeves in case it got chilly, and a high neck to show off my dazzling earrings. Into my cart it went!

Now for the accessories. I was fortunate enough to be trusted guarding these earrings and ring with my life from Hueb. They house more carats than I can hold up in fingers sparkle like no ones business. I’ll link them below, and if you want more details feel free to email me.

I’ll be honest, I was planning on wearing my grey Manolo’s but couldn’t find them anywhere. I’ll blame it on myself for waiting an hour before my train was leaving to pack. In the end, I actually loved the pop of color and it just so happened that I had a bag that matched perfectly. I also don’t know if I should feel proud or ashamed that my shoes lasted the entire night. That is until I got to the door and saw it was pouring. I may have removed the top layer of my dress and wrapped my shoes and bag in it. Not ashamed of that.

Dress: Erin Fetherston from Rent the Runway | Bag: Celine | Shoes: Manolo Blahnik | Jewelry: Hueb

I can’t wait for my next wedding, though I don’t know what can possibly top an aquarium. I love playing with colors and taking chances in my outfits. Even though I wasn’t planning on the pop of color, I actually ended up loving it!

Stay turned for another post about my gorgeous jewelry too. I can’t get enough of the sparkle!

xx -Stephanie

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