Dressing Diamonds Down

Who said diamonds are only for red carpets and weddings? Well, I don’t know if anyone actually did, but these ones definitely aren’t. Even though they’re incredibly sparkly, they certainly don’t have to be worn with a gown or heels. Since I had these pieces of eye candy for the whole weekend, I wanted to style all the looks out of them that I could. Boom, I got three, here’s the second 😀

I’ve actually had this top all summer, but it’s a ton ton of fabric and each time I tried to wear it, I felt like it was wearing me. Since it’s been a bit cooler lately, it’s been a lot easier getting away with a few extra layers. And the bare shoulders were perfection to show off these gorgeous earrings!

Let’s just address the funny glasses. They’re tinted, so I think they’re supposed to act as sunglasses. But I’m guessing you can clearly see (no pun intended) that they will likely not block and sun from my eyes. I was getting a little crazy throwing things into my She In shopping cart since everything is so inexpensive and these made it. I think they’re sort of really fun though, but I feel a little cray wearing them. Thoughts?

Top : SheIn (here’s the fall version!) | Jeans : Zara | Shoes : Celine | Glasses : SheIn (only $7!) | Jewelry : Hueb

So it’s not an accident that I’ve been very absent from fashion week. I have lots lots going on these next few weeks, and it’s something thats insanely exciting that I’ll be sharing reallll soon. I haven’t quite figured out how I’m going to tell you all yet, but stay tuned!

I hope you have other ways of finding out what’s hot on the runways this NYFW, I’m having a bit of FOMO not being as involved as I usually am!

xx -S

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